Feeling, planning, action!

I predicted this reaction already during my discussions with Stef… our first and most important customer to convince about our hybrid grass system were… our own internal clients, our colleagues.

We anticipated on this and built our strategy around it…

For more than a year Ralf and i spent our time in travelling the globe. Meeting with our Desso Sports colleagues, agents and distributors. We knew that if we wanted to successfully re-introduce hybrid grass in the professional sports market, we needed a broader platform that would support and carry our plans and goals.

One by one, our colleagues got inspired by our drive and passion. In 2009 we saw the first results as we started to get orders coming in from countries were our system had never been successful.

The first part of our plan was actualy working. We now had the support of our colleagues and partners.

Pitchtect ConceptOne of Stef’s great insights
Pitchtect ConceptChapter two