All good things start with a simple idea.

I want to help end users such as stadium managers, club owners, sports events organisors…by facilitating them in their choice for the right pitch system. I offer my experience in pitch technology. I suggest a tailor made concept and i will personally bridge the gap between what the market offers and your needs.

Pitchtect Concept


whatever the purpose of your pitch is, it will need some kind of technology in order to meet with the expectations in and outside of your organisation. The trick is to tailor made the type of technology in such a way that it fits exactly your expectations.

Pitch related Technology covers a wide range of possibilities. I will focus on following categories:

  1. Hybrid grass
  2. Grow lights
  3. Pitch Protection
  4. Pitch analytics


Never ever make use of technologies that are not adding value to the overall end result of your pitch. Too often organisations buy expensive tools that are not performing to a maximum.

Every single decision that you make with regards to your pitch needs to be embedded in an overall concept. A concept that includes budgetting, compatibility of technologies, fullfilling specific expectations the pitch should live up to.

This Concept will be your guideline through out the whole life cycle of your pitch. The Concept will be the guardian of your pitch management model. It will allow you to optimize your initial investment.

  1. Tailor made
  2. Tec selection based upon best practices
  3. Optimise investments
  4. Define your ROI
  5. Turn your pitch into a profit center
Pitchtect Concept
Pitchtect Concept

Concept Guardian

Most of the time, organisations, clubs & stadium owners lack expertise, and their organisation is not ready to manage a complex process from information gathering untill order processing.

I can do this for you. 2 decades in this market have learned  me a lot. More than anything else i learned that you can not do this on your own. You’ll need someone to guide you. You need a Concept Guardian.

Think of me as a bridge you can cross. From all those pitch technologies out there in the market to the concept you’ll need to install if you want to start generating money from your pitch.

My expertise & network allows me to downsize the amount of time, energy and money you would need to spend if you would do this on your own.

Through me, you reduce the total process to it’s essence. No numerous meetings with designers an technology suppliers needed. No time spent on weighing pro’s & cons of all offers. A quick and accurate process that guides you from the first idea to the hand over of the pitch. Time is money.

Contact me to guard your concept.

Concept Guardian (Yves De Cocker)

Cross the bridge and discover my pioneering story here.

What does PTC stand for?

PitchTecConcept is your bridge to the pitch technology market

There are many pitch consulting companies who have the right know how and experience to set out the exact profile of pitch that you need. With the specific technologies for drainage, under soil heating, irrigation systems etc.

There are also a series of highly professional companies that can construct your pitch based upon the specs given by those pitch consultants.

All of them have a vast experience in assiting you in pitch management and maintenance.

And as a customer you often wonder… is it worth while spending so much money on a football or rugby pitch?

Who can tell you what you exactly need in terms of pitch technology in order to not only give you best value for money but even start thinking on making money from your pitch in stead of spending money on it?

This is the area where there are very few actors that can help you in finding the right answers.

PitchTecConcept is bridging that gap.

PitchTecConcept is your missing link of expertise

The type of pitch technology that is needed for your specific project will be integrated in a pitch profile/pitch specification. That role will be fullfilled by a pitch consultant.

However for every technique that is needed there are several suppliers, competitors.

Assuming you need several specific techniques (hybrid grass, grow lights, pitch protection for events, pitch analytics to optimize maintenance and performance of your pitch, snow covers…) you’ll need a hughe amount of contacts for every technology needed.

If you want to scan the market thoroughly, this means your organisation will need at least to search for and contact 25 odd companies & contacts. 25 odd mails, phone calls etc in order to have a first idea about what these companies can offer you.

Than you’ll need to invest 25 times time and energy (read: money) by at least 1 person in your organisation (that person might be you) to contact them and prepare what these companies need in order to answer your questions.

That one and the same person will need to dig into the specific technology and the specific differences between suppliers. He/she will need to set up meetings with all of them… at least 1 time. Some of them more than once. 50 odd meetings (physical or virtual) will be a minimum…

Before that person in your organisation knows enough about these technologies, a lot of time and money will be spent… and who knows , still not enough is known about the different suppliers.

So decisions will be made based on assumptions rather than on hard evidence and expertise.

With the expertise and network built up in the past decades, i can streamline all of this for you.

I will reduce cost, time and energy dramaticaly for you and your organisation in filtering all of these actions into a full option report explaining what exactly is it that you need and through which company you can get it at best price/quality.


Today it is all about Money. Budgets. Optimizing. Return On Investment (ROI)

Today too many organisations still see pitch management (designing, construction, maintenance, …) as a cost.

Too little people realise that by putting the right technologies together, they can actualy save money. You can even start making money on your pitch concept.

You need to start thinking of your pitch as a concept rather than looking at all elements seperately.

The techniques needed to build your pitch should be selected in such a way that they are compatible and contribute exactly to what your needs are.

So you have to ask yourself the question first:

what do i want to achieve with my new pitch?

Maybe i would like to host more games, in a shorter window of time

I could think about renting out the pitch for community football or corporate events

Maybe you should decide on having local music or cultural events on the pitch

Or… even host a Depeche Mode or a National Day event in your stadium.

If your need is to define exactly what you want to do with your pitch/stadium, PitchTecConcept can guide you through every stage:

  • Pitch specification and design
  • Pitch construction
  • Pitch technology selection
  • Pitch technology suppliers selection
  • Pitch management during & after installation
  • ROI of every stage in order to calculate exact cost
  • Transforming cost into profit by offering more options for more usages of your pitch

The gap between design/build and operate/exploitation is your opportunity.

PitchTecConcept has the knowledge to help you bridging the gap enabling you to start working with your pitch in such a way that it starts to generate money

Trusted Partners

I only work with highly experienced and respected partners. Companies and people who have been in this industry as long as i have, some of them even longer. Their systems are solution driven, of long lasting quality and have a proven ROI. If you work with me, you’ll work with the best technologies at the best market price.

Have I Inspired You?

This is the area where there are very few actors that can help you in finding the right answers. PitchTecConcept is bridging that gap.


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