Chapter two

In the mean time Ralf had persued other challenges and i was working on my own, executing the plan that was established back in 2007.

As i was working in a rapidly evolving market, new technologies were successfully changing the game: Grow Lights made a massive difference in keeping pitches at an acceptable level of quality. Pitch Protection systems allowed stadium managers to keep the grass in good shape whilst making money out of their venue by having the world’s biggest pop & rock groups playing at their stadiums.

Having a good system was not enough. We needed to make people aware of the fact that they needed us as a sort of missing link to obtain state of the art pitch quality regardless of the activity on the grass.

We needed to become a flexible, fast and sexy communicator to the market.

We needed to be noticed!

Pitchtect ConceptFeeling, planning, action!
Pitchtect ConceptThe tandem bicycle