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“… as soon as i got employed as head groundsmanager of PSG back in 2013 i asked Yves to come and see me. We were struggling with poor pitch quality both at the Parc des Princes aswell as on the training center. Yves understood immediately the call to action and came back to me in no time with a plan and a project procedure that enabled us to upgrade the level of our pitch quality in the best possible time. Ever since we are still exchanging ideas and thoughts about the industry whether it be at ESSMA meetings or just along side the pitch at the stadium.”

Jonathan Calderwood – head groundsmanager , PSG

“I worked with Yves when our first hybrid grass system  was installed at Wembley stadium. Yves helped us understand how the pitch would work with our events calendar and that the stability issues we were experiencing with the old turf would be a thing of the past when the install was completed. I also worked with Yves when I moved to the Stade de France. This was again a similar scenario as we did at Wembley. Both Venues succeeded and showed with the correct management and events management great events can take place. ”

Tony Stones – head groundsmanager , Wembley Stadium & Stade de France

” I have worked with Yves for a number of years now on the ExCo board of the European Safety and stadium Managers Association (ESSMA). Yves was elected by his peers to represent the Commercial Partners on the board. He has always carried out his duties with professionalism and with the best heart of the Association in mind and not tried to sway motions to his own rewards. It is always a pleasure dealing with Yves as you know you will get an honest and professional opinion. “

John Beattie – President, ESSMA

” Hewitt Sportsturf have worked with Yves on our hybrid grass projects in the UK since 2004. Over these 17 years we have always appreciated Yves commitment, honest and clear communication and dediction towards both ourselves and our customers. Together we have shaped the UK hybrid grass market and successfully installed state of the art pitches at Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, Tottenham Hotspur, and many other Premier League and Championship teams along with National Stadia. Yves has at all times proven to be professional,  friendly and is held in high regard by us. ”

John & Ryan Hewitt – UK Premier League pitch contractors , Hewitt Sportsturf

” I had the chance to work with Yves in his role as President of the Agoria Sports & Entertainment Technology Club (2016-2020). During this whole period I experienced Yves as someone who is incredibly passionate and engaged in multiple aspects of the sports Industry, but above all, someone you can absolutely rely on! “

Diego Algaba – Manager, Your Content Goes Here

” Yves guided me into the industry since 2016 and helped my company to be a professional football pitch construction company. Yves travelled to China many times to share & deliver his expertise to me and my potential customers. In Europe, he hosted my potential customers to show them our great professional results. He trained my employees to become professional experts.  Yves and I have done quite well in the past five years in the Chinese market, thanks to his  constant help and support.

Andrew Lu - Managing Director, Beijing QianFeng Sports Tech Ltd China

” I have had the pleasure of knowing Yves for the last 15 years or so. Yves was our UK contact for Desso GrassMaster, promoting both the product and us Mallinsons as installors. Our close working relationship with Yves, who we found to be professional, knowledgeable and reliable resulted in a series of won projects and successes. His agreement with us was held sacred to him, even with very severe pressures from outside to break gentleman’s agreement. I am pleased to see Yves’s new venture and wish him every success for the future. ”

John R. Mallinson - Managing Director, J Mallinson Ltd (UK)

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