Nowadays very few people haven’t heard about hybrid grass.

Since the end of the 20th century the first hybrid grass systems were introduced in sports stadiums and training facilities.

Today a professional grass system in a stadium or training facility environment has become the standard for modern pitch management.

In essence there are 2 major types of hybrid grass systems. They both provide a reinforced surface and by either stitching synthetic fibers into the upper root zone or by deploying a carpet based surface that holds synthetic fibers and which is than filled with sand and seeded.

Both systems allow a dramatic increase of usages of the pitch whilst keeping it player safe, even and uniform in quality and help pitch managers to deal with the increased demand of usages of their pitches.

The stitched version has a much longer lifecycle (+10y)and therefor is the most economical, less expensive hybrid grass system. The carpet based system however has a more flexible nature hence provieds more compatibility in case of non-sports events.

GrassMax Systems is a Swiss/Belgian based company that has found itself an important position in the hybrid grass market in no time.

The combined experience and know-how of the management and its staff is one of the reasons why GrassMax Systems is seen as a major player and a reference in the stadium and training center industry.

State of the art machinery, highly trained staff and a choice of different synthetic fibers to match the exact purpose of reinforcement for the club, stadium or federation, are all contributing to a modern and highly performant hybrid grass system. Some of the world’s most renowned professional sports organisations worldwide are using the services and system of the company.

Hybrid grass is no longer a niche product for the happy few. It has become the standard for every modern professional football, rugby or American football organization.