An accidental conversation

2003, Fall. I was on my way to my office at Desso HQ in Dendermonde, Belgium; when i ran into one of my former colleagues at Desso – DLW. Desso’s main reception was connected with the new part of the building by an indoor passage. Lieve stopped to ask how i was doing and we talked for a couple of minutes. Just before leaving she said: ‘i thought you might wanted to know’ that Desso Sports are looking for a Benelux Sales Director.

In a split second i made a decision. I did not proceed my way to my office. Instead of that i knocked on the door of Olaf Janssen; Desso Sport’s General Manager at that time.

I asked Olaf if that job vacancy was still open… the rest is history.

I started to work for Desso Sports in April 2004. Convinced about the fact that this would re-boost me with new energy and passion. For almost 14y i had been working for the project department of Desso textile and DLW indoor flooring. Selling high end textile and other indoor floorings to banks, hospitals, offices etc.. Managing a group of dedicated people in the Benelux countries.

But i needed a change of mind, a new fresh challenge. And sports was and still is one of my passions in life. It was a good decision. Maybe the best i ever took in my professional life.

One of our outdoor products we were offering at that time was the so called GrassMaster system. Hybrid grass as such was not yet a familiar term. Everybody made his or her own asumptions calling it 50/50 natural/synthetic, reinforced grass, semi natural or semi synthetic…

The system was as good as dead and buried. Synthetic turf was thé product of the future as the product development was very promising.

It was seen as the new standard surface for professional football and rugby.

Allthough my main task was to develop synthetic grass in the Benelux countries, i immediately felt a genuine interest and love fort hat reinforced grass system that nobody paid attention to…

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